How do GIO Coins work?

GETitOUT credits that measure the generation or extraction of texts.
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The GIO Coins are GETitOUT credits that quantify the actions of artificial intelligence. These are monthly, annual or non-renewal currency used by our AI to generate texts, suggest ideas or extract information.

What is a GIO Coin equivalent to?
1 Coin is roughly equal to 0.80 words, and 1 punctuation mark. 😊

When are my GIO Coins renewed?
Your GIO Coins limit is renewed according to your plan, if it is a monthly plan or Lifetime Deal it will be renewed every month, for annual plans it will be every year.

Where can I see the GIO Coins spent?
You can see them in the Plan section within the general GETitOUT Settings.

How does text generation work?
Thanks to OpenAI and NLP's artificial intelligence and our technical teaching, magic is possible.

How do you create special texts for my product?
We use a special combination thanks to the input you enter previously, focusing the message on the pains and goals of your ideal client.
It makes the difference to go from generic texts to texts that really convert.

It's content original?
The content of GETitOUT is original, the combination of artificial intelligence and your natural input makes the creation of texts unique and special.

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