Align the collaborative work of your team with the help of Changes & Notes

Make changes to history, and organize files & links in notes for your team.
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We know the difficulty in organizing ideas, notes, files and links around a broad marketing theme with a small or large team. Now you can do it all in one place as you walk through the process step-by-step in GETitOUT.

Change History ⏱

Unforeseen adjustments often happen when a marketing project is the responsibility of several people, now with "Change History" you can take control of the work and synchronize the activities of your team.

See new entries and changes that have been made recently, return to a previous state if necessary, and save ideas in an instant.

Notes 📌

Marketing is constantly advancing, it is a process of trial and error in which iteration is paramount. Meanwhile, it is important to gather reference information, unify ideas, set tasks, collect documentation and research along the way.

Now add notes with complete information in a brief title and an explanatory description, attach important links, complement with reference images and view everything in one place and instantly.

That's it!

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