How can I to publish my landing page in my domain?

Export Landing Pages & Websites to HTML and upload them to your hosting for publish in your domain.
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We understand how difficult it is to have different platforms to create your marketing materials, you need a website builder, an email builder to design platforms, in short ...

We also know that all have a favorite platform to work with, and if maybe you can't find everything you require in GETitOUT, you can always export your results and materials.

For this particular case, it is interesting to know how you can publish a landing page created in GETitOUT on your domain. There are 2 ways:

1️⃣ Send the HTML of your website to your WordPress with the help of our plugin.

Know the details of this path in the following help article.


It is true that there are many more platforms, and we hope in the future to add more integrations that will facilitate that task. 😉

2️⃣ Export the HTML of your Landing Page and upload it to your trusted Website Builder

There is a great variety and countless platforms for this, therefore we recommend you to find out beforehand that your plan allows you to upload HTML code and publish it under your linked domain.

There are some ways to upload it, the simplest can help you:

  • Upload your file to the built-in media manager.

Exactly, only if your provider allows it, you could easily upload this file without needing the help of a developer.

  • The most complex ways require accessing your hosting as the file manager of your hosting, carry out the process through the file transfer protocol (FTP) or a control panel.

Where can I export the HTML of my Landing Page? 💻

  1. Enter the detail page of your Website or Landing Page.
  2. Click Export in the header, next to the Publish button.
  3. It will open a popup that gives you both options explained above.
  4. Download HTML, wait a few seconds and voilà!

That's it!

Any questions? Shoot us an email: [email protected]
We will be here to help you. 🙌🏻

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