How many options do I have to customize the design of my marketing materials?

Know the options to customize your materials in GETitOUT
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We know the difficulty involved in starting your marketing from scratch, there are many tasks that take time and money that you can invest much better. 🕔

Surely you are familiar with tasks such as knowing your buyer persona, identifying the benefits of your product for that ideal client, thinking and writing the perfect texts to convert your prospects, creating the best images to explain it, and not to mention creating items like your website, a couple of emails or even a presentation to sell your product.

We know this pain beforehand, and we believe that it is possible to overcome it by simplifying the processes, and with this the most important thing, investing valuable time in the most essential issues.

That is why we created GETitOUT, providing the most complete and optimized templates possible in cases such as the layout, the layout of the sections and the use of your colors and fonts so that you can omit all the small details and launch your product without waiting. This means that you only have a few options to customize the design of your templates in a generic and fast way.

Some examples:

  • Change the style of the hero:

  • Change email style:

  • Change the color of your image:

  • Hide an entire section:

  • Change button style:

We design templates that are functional and perfectly thought out so that you can take advantage of them, some options such as changing the alignment of the text, or the position of the images, or modifying the fonts of a specific template, you will not find them in our editor.

We would love to hear your opinion on how to further improve our templates so that it is sufficiently optimized with few adjustment options.

Tell us your ideas and write us to [email protected]
We will be here to help you. 💻

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