Analyze Your Competitors So You Can Differentiate Yourself Better

The best way to find your unique selling point is to study your competitors, extract their information and analyze their advantages.
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The study of your competition will provide you with valuable information about your buyer persona, and your positioning, its analysis will be crucial to take action and direction in your marketing.

Find their differentiators and recognize their benefits, consider which actions give them results and which of their messages are interesting. Every detail counts.

✏️ Information to keep in mind

Give a look at the buyer persona they share with your competition, as well as basic information such as their website or pricing page. This is key to analyzing what they do that maybe you don't yet do, what works for them, and what they do differently.

💡 Extract with Artificial Intelligence all analysis details

Here you’ll be able to collect and extract the information that interests you most about your competitor, what are their differentiators, what features they stand out, what are their benefits, and how they treat your common buyer persona. This exhaustive analysis will be worthwhile for improvement and taking action, as well as inspiration.

📌 Organize your competitors

Start by categorizing with the most basic marketing distinction, direct and indirect competitors. You can advance to the level you want to organize this valuable information in the best way, for example, common points such as Buyer Persona, Industries up to Features.

That's it!

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