How does the Mailchimp integration work?

Send your emails templates generated in GETitOUT & collect your leads in Mailchimp with just one click.
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Updated 1 year ago

Generating email templates ready to send needs one of the most popular email marketing tool that helps businesses and organizations send emails to their customers and subscribers.

Mailchimp has evolved into a powerful tool that can help you with your email campaigns, whether you're an online retailer, a nonprofit organization, or anyone else who wants to grow their business by building relationships with customers.

Now you can send your generated templates to your Mailchimp account with a single click and compile the information of your generated leads thanks to the call-to-actions created in GETitOUT.

We look for ways to improve the experience of our users and facilitate the creation and publication of marketing materials, we move forward by simplifying the process in a simple integration and few steps.

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