Buyer Persona Plan: What is included?

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This article is focused on giving you clarity on what the NEW Buyer Persona Plan includes: the main features, benefits, and the differences between this plan and the All-in-one and Marketing Coach Plans.

Primarily, it's worth summarizing the capability of the Personas Generator Tool by GETitOUT, which is the main instrument you get with this plan. Through the Personas Generator Tool, you can create detailed and complete buyer personas quickly, as well as generate professional marketing texts along the way and reuse them across any other marketing platform.

Remember, you can take full advantage of your creations by reusing them on any other of your favorite marketing tools/platforms with the GETitOUT browser extension.

What is the reason behind these changes? 🤔

The decision of offering a brand-new basic yet powerful plan is meant to help you start any project based on the utmost essential element of whatever marketing endeavor, Buyer Persona (unconventional) analysis.

Within this plan, we offer you the essential tools you need to begin with, and best of all, it has an amazing price (it's our most affordable plan): For $19 USD, you get a workspace, unlimited buyer personas, content generation, and customized materials based on your analysis.

Why should you buy this plan? What benefits do you get? 🔥

  • Build detailed Personas quickly with inspiration and support from artificial intelligence. This is not a conventional persona editor that starts with a blank canvas and takes hours and hours of your time. This is a real and empathetic Persona Generator.

  • Put your Personas at the core of any marketing effort you deploy, so you can create marketing texts and materials that connect with your ideal clients and make them sign up and buy.

  • Get professional marketing texts from targeted to your clients in all the possible marketing tools with the browser extension. You’ll have instant access to your clients' texts and analyses in GETitOUT in tools like Mailchimp, WordPress, etc...

  • Purchase an affordable yet complete subscription to help you get started with your marketing. As mentioned above, Buyer Personas are the heart of any marketing endeavor, so this plan covers the basic needs and a (generous) bit more.

🤖 Friendly reminder about GIO Coins

GIO coins are used as credits to generate texts and AI Content. Here’s a table with the amount of GIO Coins that are included in every plan:

GETitOUT Personas


GIO Coins/month







GETitOUT All-In-One & GETitOUT Coach


GIO Coins/month







What are the general characteristics of each plan? ⭐️

  • In every single one of the plans, you'll be given 3 options to choose from 1 workspace up to 10 workspaces. This directly modifies the plan’s pricing. If you need any personalization, please contact us at [email protected], so we can discuss it together.

  • Each plan has a specific quantity of GIO Coins (credits to generate texts and content) per month (from 3,000 up to 30,000) according to the plan you decide to go with. We've measured these amounts carefully, so you can work with zero issues.

  • All the plans include the possibility to invite users to collaborate in your workspace, and the same applies to when you use integrations in GETitOUT.

What are the unique features of this plan? 🌱

Marketing Briefing: Quickly organize your product features and brand design information to establish a strong communication line. Invite your team members, so everyone is on the same page.

  • Product & Features: One place to brief your clients on products and features. Extract information directly from their websites and export reports when you’re done.

  • Company & Team: Arrange your own brand basic information, so you can access it whenever you need it.

  • Design: Organize all of your brand graphic information and put everyone on the same page.

Marketing Analysis

  • Buyer Personas: Easily analyse your Buyer Personas, Competitors, and current Clients in one place. Then use the insights you find to create more effective materials (landing pages, emails, etc.)

Marketing Texts: Generate Marketing Texts Like a Pro. Turn your product (or service) features - Briefing section - into meaningful benefits that help you gain more Happy Clients.

  • Call-to-Actions (forms), Limited Benefits & Templates for Text Generator Tool (coming soon)

What is not included in this plan? 🔑

  • No Roles assignation: you won’t be allowed to assign roles and permissions to other users.

  • Limited templates that are related to the construction of your Buyer Personas.

    • Text Generator: This tool helps you create benefits based on your Buyer Persona analysis. New templates like Quotes and Testimonials will be available very soon.

    • Material Generator: Another great tool for your Personas. Use templates specifically created to promote your Personas. Some templates are included in this plan, which we’ll briefly explain below.

To keep in mind: 💡 Even though this plan limits your access to certain types of templates, you can still generate marketing materials an unlimited number of times.

Use Case templates: This plan comes with two Use Case templates - a landing page and an email outline. Use both to show your customers how and who can use your product in specific cases. Get some inspiration from our Use Cases section here!

You can create, post, and export websites or emails from those templates you have at your disposal, besides following up on your generated leads and even exporting audience reports.

As we always mention, it would be lovely to have your cooperation by our side to offer you a better experience every day. Send your thoughts, comments, congratulations, and feedback to [email protected]

Thanks for reading! Hope this article helps you out when in doubt.

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