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This article is focused on giving you clarity on what the GETitOUT Coach Plan includes: main features, benefits, and the differences between this plan and the All-in-one and Buyer Persona Plans. Let's go!

Generally speaking, the GETitOUT Marketing Coach plan includes all the features of the All-in-one plan, but it also has a groundbreaking element that can completely change the course of your marketing endeavors overall: personal coaching & strategy sessions.

Remember, you can also use the GETitOUT browser extension to extend your workspaces and your learnings from your coaching sessions to any of your favorite marketing tools/platforms.

What is the pricing range? 🤔

Within this plan, we offer you a feature that transcends all the tools offered in every plan: a personal and experienced marketing coach to help you refine your marketing strategy and deploy a more intense follow-up on your marketing endeavors.

You start paying from $649/month and get all the features included in the All-In-One Plan, 1 workspace, access to a lot more Text Generator templates as well as marketing materials (emails, flyers, landing pages, websites, etc.), 30,000 GIO Coins for using AI Assistance and Content Generation.

For $729/month and $929/month, the major difference is the number of workspaces you get, being 3 and 10 workspaces, respectively.

We’ll deepen into the benefits and complete the features list below.

🤖 Friendly reminder about GIO Coins

GIO coins are used as credits to generate texts and AI Content. Here’s a table with the amount of GIO Coins that are included in every plan:

GETitOUT Personas


GIO Coins/month







GETitOUT All-In-One & GETitOUT Coach


GIO Coins/month







Why should you buy this plan? What benefits do you get?🔥

  • Take your marketing strategy to a whole new level with special, personalized, and professional guidance.

  • Make your marketing strategy, as well as your accountability, stronger.

  • Learn the step-by-step formulas you need to improve your marketing with confidence – to increase sign-ups and conversions and close more deals, hand in hand with your Marketing Coach.

  • Gain clarity on who your ideal clients are, how to attract them, and how to stand out from your competition – with the right strategies, step by step.

Who will be coaching you? ⭐️

Meet Dominik Wever, your all-time GETitOUT marketing coach. His experience (over 20 years) concerning marketing and business will be shared with you. As a marketing and software enthusiast, he founded his first software company at the age of 19, and ever since then he knows firsthand how challenging marketing has become nowadays, even more digitally speaking.

That's why he became passionate about coaching. Back then, he wished he had had a guide by his side to guide him and show him the way. You can trust him to help you break through and achieve success!

With GETitOUT, we are empowering companies to grow and establish themselves – by generating their marketing in a professional, efficient and affordable way.

What are the unique features of this plan? 🌱

  • Professional coaching sessions with Dominik, who will share his +20 years of experience.

  • 4 video calls per month to follow up on your marketing strategy progress across the time.

  • A weekly, 1-hour video session, completely dedicated to building a strong marketing foundation specifically for your business or any of your clients. You, sideways with Dominik, will choose and implement the strategies and tactics that deliver results the fastest possible.

  • Get from 10,000 up to 100,000 GIO coins depending on the number of workspaces you decide to purchase. Remember, these are used as credits to generate Texts and AI Content.

What is not included in this plan? 🔑

  • In a nutshell, this is GETitOUT’s ultimate plan. Even though, you can always contact us via email at [email protected] asking for customization options made exclusively for you.

To keep in mind: 💡 Pay attention to the number of sessions you can get each month. Make sure you choose the right time for your coaching sessions so that you can make the most of them, despite these being meant to take place weekly.

Remember that this plan comes with up to 4 sessions per month. If you need more, feel free to mention it across the month and discuss customization opportunities, especially for you and your needs.

New users can book a free strategy session. Get yours here.

Last, but not least, as we always mention, it would be lovely to have your cooperation by our side to offer you a better experience every day. Send your thoughts, comments, congratulations, and feedback to [email protected]

Thanks for reading! Hope this article helps you out when in doubt.

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