How to Create a Workspace & Get Unlimited Personas

There is only one step left to start, do general setup with your first workspace and get unlimited personas.
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Stay organized and create separate workspaces, each with unlimited personas.

Are you an agency or marketing consultant? Create a workspace for each client. Or create workspaces for each of your products or services.

Learn in 1-minute How to Create a Workspace & Get Unlimited Personas: 📌

Easy step-by-step:

  • Login to your GETitOUT account.

  • Quickly try the "Magic Coffee Mug" Demo that will be found previously on your dashboard.

  • Or click "NEW WORKSPACE"

    • Choose to start with an empty product.

    • Or start with the help of the Workspace Wizard.

  • Enter your product.

  • Click on "Personas" (analysis section in the sidebar) & Get Started!

From any type of workspace, be it demo, empty or with the assistant, create personas for all your clients, products or services, then categorize and compare them with ease.

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That's it!

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