What is a workspace? Definition and recommendations

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A workspace contains everything you need to market one product or service:

It’s where you lay the marketing foundation with personas and benefits, and generate texts. It’s where you set the brand with logo and colors to generate landing pages, emails, sales decks, and more.

  • Marketing agencies and consultants normally use one workspace per client – so everything stays nicely organized.

  • As a startup or small business, one workspace is usually enough – until you start offering various products or services.

GETitOUT Workspaces: What are they?

Workspaces can be viewed as individual stances for a given product or service. As we mentioned somewhere before, “it refers to a single place where all the marketing information that works for only one product/brand will be.”

Here you go, 2 clear examples:

If you have a SaaS business that owns a SaaS tool (like for example "Evernote"), you would add that as a product to GETitOUT. You then set the design, add its features, and build your buyer personas, and GETitOUT will generate landing pages, emails, etc. - specifically tailored to that product and its ideal audience.

On the other hand, if you're selling a service instead (for example "Business Consulting"), then you would add this as a product.

Still unclear? Then check this example with an actual real brand:

Coca-Cola, is a company that encompasses diverse and numerous products such as: Coca-Cola Zero, Sprite, Quatro, Fanta. All these handle a different marketing information, different design and different message. In GETitOUT, a Coca-Cola Marketing Manager might have to create a different workspace for each one of these products (and of course he would purchase at least the All-in-One Plan 😏)

To keep in mind: 💡 The number of workspaces you can create depends on how many you decide to carry on with your plan. You can get from 1 to 10 workspaces. If you feel like needing more, then contact us at [email protected] or leave us a message from your profile.

Is there an initial set-up you need to follow?

Yes. It is mandatory that you complete all the steps we have framed for this part of the process, which takes only 5 minutes to get fully completed.

Following one step after the other is pretty easy thanks to our onboarding assistant, responsible for guiding you through the whole set-up in a matter of 5 minutes or less. If you don’t feel like completing this setup in one go, then you can access a full demo of what a complete workspace looks like.

  • What if you don’t complete this workspace set-up?
    Then you will be allowed to create an empty product, but this is just a longer and unassisted stage you can skip by following our instructions.

  • What is the process for completing this set-up?
    Whether you are a new user or an existing one, the workspace set-up process will be exactly the same for both cases.

Why is this necessary?

The marketing process with GETitOUT is linear, for this reason, you must follow 3 steps to achieve success in marketing. Learn more here

  1. Build and strengthen the base of your marketing by analyzing your ideal client and your environment.

  2. Generate texts that convert.

  3. Create all the marketing materials you need based on your initial briefing input.

These 3 steps are always focused on a product or brand individually because they have different objectives, features, and hopefully, ideal clients.

What are the benefits of setting up your workspace(s) ultimately?

  • You get a robust and detailed marketing foundation to move forward with your strategy full of confidence and a clear vision.

  • Take full advantage of GETitOUT’s potential to help you get your marketing done right without any guesswork and, instead, counting on your documentation.

  • Have all your information at hand to create effective marketing texts and materials that connect with your target audiences.

  • Save time in the beginning and skip creating an empty product afterward on your own with no assistance.

Are you ready to create and set up your workspace now? If you consider we might have missed something important in this article, feel free to send your feedback, comments, suggestions, ideas, or complaints to [email protected].

Thank you for letting us have your cooperation by our side to offer you a better experience every day! 😊

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